In addition to regional classes, the organisation hosts a number of events throughout the year such as training camps, competitions, seminars and overseas events.

Training Camps

training camps

The organisation hosts an annual training camp. This weekend event is an opportunity for Zhong Ding members from different regions and countries to come together with Nigel and Fong Sutton and Senior Zhong Ding Instructors for a fantastic weekend of training. The location of the events moves around the UK to allow as many people to attend as possible.


Master Liang He Qing Championships

Master Liang Championship

The Master Liang He Qing Championship is the annual Zhong Ding competition in memory of Master Liang He Qing. The event consists of a day of seminars followed by the Zhong Ding Championship, which includes events such as Hand and Weapon Forms, Pushing Hands, Weapons Sparring and Silat Cerita. There is both an adult and junior section of the event and it is a great opportunity to test skills in a well spirited event.


Nigels Seminar Series

nigels seminars

Nigel Sutton and Fong Sutton (Tan Mew Hong) reside in Malaysia, but they make regular tours of the UK and Europe. These seminars are a fantastic way to experience their current thoughts and training in a range of martial arts. Details of their next tour will be posted on this site.


Events in Malaysia

Events in Malaysia

Zhong Ding International is the headquarters for the Zhong Ding organisation and is based in Penang, Malaysia. All major events are hosted in Malaysia including anniversary events. Attending an event is a training experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to experience the culture from which these arts were born.