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The Zhong Ding Association is a worldwide organisation that was established in 1987 by its Chief Instructor, Nigel Sutton  The organisation encompasses all traditional Chinese martial arts, but predominantly Cheng Man-Ch'ing style Tai Chi (taiji).


In addition to the regional classes the organisation host a number of events throughout the year which include residential training camps and the annual Master Liang He Qing Championship.


Training in Malaysia

The Zhong Ding International Training Centre is based in Malaysia and offers you a unique opportunity to experience the Martial Arts of China, Malaysia and the Philippines


Technical Advisors

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Nigel Sutton has spent decades in the company of masters.  This has enabled Zhong Ding to benefit from a number of technical advisors in all disciplines.  These masters provide the organisation with a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as endless opportunities to train in all aspects of traditional martial arts.