Master Fu Chang Hui

Master Fu has been practising the matial arts froman early age, commencing with the study of Hongquan (Hung Gar) in a lineage descending from the Read More..


Master Gao Ji Wu

Master Gao was born in 1942 into a martial arts family. His grandfather Gao Wen Cheng was a disciple of 2nd generation baguazhang descendants Masters Yin Fu Read More..


Master Xu Shu Song (Koh Ah Tee)

Master Xu is one of the youngest of the Zhong Ding technical advisers yet despite this he has managed to carve out for himself a reputation as one of Read More..


Master Lau Kim Hong

Master Lau Kim Hong is an unassuming bespectacled gentleman in his early sixties whose gentle looks belie his tremendous taijiquan skill. Indeed he Read More..


Master Lee Bian Lei

Master Lee first encountered taijiquan when he met Master Yue Shu Ting and despite his youth and skill in Shaolin boxing was firmly trounced at his hands. Read More..


Master Liang He Ching

Master Liang He Qing is exceptional for a number of reasons. Not only does he see no conflict between the practice of internal and external martial arts but Read More..


Master Tan Ching Ngee

Master Tan was born in Muar and as a child took up the study of Chu Gar boxing. His teacher of this southern style was well known for his ability with Read More..


Master Tan Seow Theng

Master Tan Seow Theng is a master of Shaolin Fujian Yongchun Wuzuquan, also known as "The Fist of Five Master or "5 Ancestors boxing". Read More..

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Master Wu Chiang Hsing

A devout Buddhist, Master Wu Chiang Hsing ensures that every aspect of his life is touched by his religeous belief. A small, stocky man, his every action Read More..


Master Zhao Wei Dong

Master Zhao whose Daoist name is Xuan Dong was born in December 1966 in Yangchuan County, Shanxi Province, China. At the age of eight he began Read More..


Master Zhou Mu Tu

Master Zhou is a disciple of Lu Tong Bao but himself admits that much of his training has been conducted under the supervision of his shixiong Read More..


Master Zhu Tian Cai

Master Zhu Tian Cai is a senior instructor in the Chen family village, Chenjiagou, China. Read More..