Master Fun Chang Hui

Master Fu has been practising the matial arts froman early age, commencing with the study of Hongquan (Hung Gar) in a lineage descending from the famous Wong Fei Hong. After being "convinced" of the efficacy of taijiquan, Master Fu began to learn the Yang style of Grandmaster Dong Ying Jie. His teacher was a grandstudent of dong himself.

Master Fu continued to study taijiquan, learning Chen style from Master Zhu Tian Cai, Master Chen Xiao Wang and Master Feng Zi Chiang. He also learnt the old Wu style, Baguazhang, Praying Mantis and Eagle Claw boxing.

At present his main area of interest and specialism is the Chen style and he has had the title of "20th Generation Descendant of Chen Style Taijiquan" conferred upon him by Master Zhu Tian Cai. As well as practising the "original" Old Style he also practises the New Style, Small Style, sword, broadsword, spear and pushing hands.