Master Zhou is a disciple of Lu Tong Bao but himself admits that much of his training has been conducted under the supervision of his shixiong (martial arts older brother) Master Lee Bei Lei.

Early in his training career Master Zhou became disillusioned with taijiquan because of what he saw as its lack of sparring training, so he took up Karate as a substitute. In two years he earned his black belt and had plenty of opportunities to spar. It was during this time that he really began to appreciate the skills he had developed through his taijiquan training.

Returning to taijiquan Master Zhou concentrated his efforts on the development of speed and even though in his sixties he still exhibits impressive skill in this area. For the last two decades Master Zhou has been an active pushing hands competitor, representing Malaysia in international competition on a number of occasions.

Master Zhou continued to enjoy a successful competition career even into his late fifties.

Currently Master Zhou is a senior instructor at the De Jiao Hui Taijiquan club in Batu Pahat, Johor.