These Technical Advisers although not primarily exponents of taijiquan have all served as examples of the highest ideals of martial arts put into practice. The light that they shine through their practice and their lives has served as an example to senior members of Zhong Ding. Their decades of practice serve as a torch to light the path for those who follow them. Presented in alphabetical order.

Guru Azlan Ghanie

Guru Azlan Ghanie

Guru Azlan inherited his system of Silat Melayu Lok Sembilan from his father. In addition to researching and Azlan Ghanie perfecting his art, he publishes Malaysia’s premier martial arts magazine Seni Beladiri.

Silat Melayu Lok Sembilan is an art centred around the keris, the weapon symbolic of Malay identity. Read More..


Guru Zainal Abidin

Guru Zainal has spent the greater part of his life studying a wide range of martial arts, from Taekwondo to Thai Boxing, to several different styles of Malay and Javanese Silat. Despite early exposure to taekwondo and then silat, Guru Zainal was intrigued by the devastating power of Muay Thai. This intrigue led him to travel to Thailand where he became a student of a teacher of both sprt Muay Thai but also classical Thai boxing.Read More..


Professor Ireneo "Eric" Olavides

Professor Eric has dedicated much of his life to researching Filipino martial arts, in particular, specializing in the Eskrima De Campo of Grandmaster Jose Caballero. Starting his study of Eskrima as a child with his uncle, Martin Iano Lumacang. He went on to train with Master Billy Baa Aclo of Songkite Abaniko and Maestro Fernando Candawan of Doce Pares. But the main influence on his eskrima was Grandmaster Jose Caballero.Read More ..


Master Wong Jing Hui

Master Wong is the Chief Instructor of the North South Shaolin Gymnasium Penang and has been training in the martial arts for nearly four decades. Determined to preserve the traditional Chinese martial arts he has traveled throughout Malaysia, Singapore and even as far as China to research his art and further his studies. Read More..